Does Cinderella On Ice feature any special effects?

Special Effects include safe theatrical Fog and Snow, pyrotechnics and strobe lighting. We recommend contacting info@fairytaleonice.com

How long is the show?

Due to audience reaction to comedy sequences the running time of the production can vary, however the average is between one hour and a half to two hours. This also includes a 15-20 minute intermission.

What should I wear to the show?

We suggest you dress comfortably, a lightweight sweater/jacket might be required? Also, practical shoes are recommended to sagely navigate the steps in the arena. In general patrons are required to observe national and local government laws in respect of expected dress codes and codes of public decency.

Can I film and photograph the show on my mobile phone or camera?

Still none-flash photography is permitted provided it is for personal use only and not for publication or sale for personal gain. Filming: International Intellectual property and copyright laws apply to the production, therefore No Filming is permitted without the written permission of the producer. Anyone posting footage on the show on the internet without a license of written permission will be viewed as an infringement of copyright and legal action may result in legal action.

Security at our Venue?

The safety of our performers, crew, staff and customers is our top priority and work closely and diligently with all our partners to maintain high standards to provide customer satisfaction. Please our website for updates in our policies.

Is the venue easily accessible for visitors with mobility difficulties and/or accessibility requirements?

We strive to maintain and regularly update the provision of access, including wheelchair access) to our venue in this respect. We therefore recommend that before booking to avail yourself of policy via this website.

Are there any ‘Meet & Greet’ features available?

From time to time we offer public ‘Meet & Greet’ opportunities invariably through one-line and published competitions.

Can my children spend time on the ice with the characters?

No. We may from time to time offer this experience for selected groups, usually charities or through competitions.

May I and/or my children wear a costume to visit the show?

Costumes worn by children of three – 12 years is permitted so long as they are under the supervision of an adult. Guests of 14years of age or older are not permitted attend the show in costume.


Why isn’t my town/city on your Performance Schedule?

We try our best to present our productions in as many locations over the course of any given year and vary our tour routes from time to time. Unfortunately however changing in routing sometimes may make it impossible to travel to areas we have visited in the past? For the most up-to-date touring schedule, visit us here.

When is Cinderella On Ice coming to my city/town?

New dates may be added, see the current Tour Schedule here and continue to check our Facebook page for updates.

Who do I contact regarding a question or comment about the show?

Please send your email to: – info@fairytaleonice.com

Where can I find out more about Influencer Partnerships or PR Opportunities?

Please send your email to: – info@fairytaleonice.com

How can I become a performer in one of your productions?

Please see our Casting Opportunities and email us info@fairytaleonice.com


How can I purchase Show Souvenirs?

Show Merchandise is on sale at all performances from our Cinderella On Ice Souvenirs stands. Price Lists are posted and payment can be by cash, credit card or contactless payment. We accept the following cards: Visa, Barclaycard, Access and PayPal.

Who do I contact regarding a question about Cinderella On Ice Merchandise?

Contact us by email to info@fairytaleonice.com


How can I purchase tickets?

Please see the Tour Schedule and & Tickets sections of this website for more information on how to buy tickets. To purchase tickets on the performance day, please go directly to the Ice Palace Box Office.

Who are Cinderella On Ice ‘s current preferred ticketing partners?

For tickets please book from our Ticketing Page or from one of our approved partners:

Important: Please ensure that whomever you buy through is a member of STAR –The Society if Ticket Agents & Retailers for assurance of a safe and smooth transaction.

Do you off special ticket pricing for children, senior citizens and disabled?

Please refer to our Ticketing Page for all prices and group discounts etc. Group Bookers can contact us directly by email on info@fairytaleonice.com

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my infant child who will sit on my lap throughout the entire performance?

For most performances children under 2years are admitted free provided they sit on a parent or guardian’s lap. Please be aware that should a babe in arms become inconsolable during a performance, for the continued enjoyment of the show by other patrons, we respectfully request exit from the auditorium returning only when the child has settled down.

Is there a coupon or promo offer?

Please check our Facebook Page for more information: www.facebook.com/officialfairytalesonice

How can I get on your mailing list to receive information about this and your other productions?

Please visit our Facebook Page for more information: www.facebook.com/officialfairytalesonice


Can I win tickets?

On occasions our local partners may advertise local promotions or contests to win tickets, however, these vary by market and partner, therefore you should watch out for such promotions in your area.

Please also check out or Facebook Page for more information.

How can I become a performer in Cinderella On Ice production?

Please check our vacancies page: www.fairytaleonice.com/job-opportunities

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